Winnie Dillon

Irish // Dublin



Phever Show : Audio Therapy//

From the early start of the rave scene back in 1990 i was fascinated by it.From the moment id bought my first rave tape back then that was it i wanted to be a dj.Been young and in school all i could do was mix my 2 tape decks with my recorded tapes on hi fis as i couldn’t afford decks.3 years later after lots of saving plus buying vinyl on the side the day came when i finally got my decks.My first 2 tunes i ever mixed on vinyl was U96 Das Boot and Low noise block Rave in a Bedroom.1993 was my first gig at the famous disco ‘THE GROVE” in Raheny.Over the next 15 years or so i was lucky enough to play in some great venues like Ziggy’s,Voodoo lounge,Radio City,The Cavern,Kommunity,Inferno(Cork)Code Bar,Katies,Fibbers,The Pint & lots more with my music vering from House to Trance to Techno.I also had the pleasure of playing on some great radio stations over the years such as Energy fm,Kiss fm,Rhythm fm,UDMI Radio and to the present day residing on of choice these days is Techno but still like to mellow to some Electronic and Down tempo(getting old) 🙂

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