Gary Quigley

// Ireland



Phever Show : Global Exposure//

Gary has been a DJ for well over 26 years from playing in clubs like The Ormond,13th Floor,The blue note,The vaults, Voodoo, Ninjinskys,Wiseguys, Tripod,Es Paradis,Play2 Ibiza,Hillgrove,Pod,The Sex kitchen,Mezz,The Good bits, System ,The Harp Corfu just to name a few. Gary has also had radio shows on Play Fm and held bi monthly shows on Edti radio Canada, Djmix Radio London, Pulse radio California ,IDNT radio Germany and now Hosts the Brand new Global Exposure Radio show where the influence is brand new unreleased music from labels from all over the world. No stranger to the studio Gary is currently working on some new projects and hopes that the new productions have the success that The Hard Times EP brought himself and fellow Irish DJ and producer Barry Dempsey where it was featured on the Global Underground Australian tour by Anthony Pappa and was hammered world wide by Tiesto and Scott project. Global Exposure Bi monthly show’s 12-2am GMT.

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