Dymphna Kelly

Irish // Ireland



Phever Show : Keepin’ It Real//

I have been involved in playing music my entire life, mostly the organ. My first real introduction to Djing was in 2009 in New Zealand,when I moved into a house with a DJ. He had a pair of Technics and there were always CDJs knocking about. I knew from that moment, I wanted to be a DJ. I never built up the courage to try and play until a mate got a pair of CDJS when I was living in Australia nearly 6 years later, they were Dennon 400’s and didn’t work that well and sometimes not at all and I didn’t stick with it… but he taught me the technique. I spent years going from gig to gig itching to get behind the decks and then finally I bought myself a pair of Technics last summer, knuckled down to master them, and as some of you know, it’s pure bliss having your own turntables. You can play what you want, when you want.. and as there a permanent fixture in my van..where you want 🙂 Phever radio was one of my earliest gigs.

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