Dj Marks

Polish // Ireland



Phever Show : Nite Tech//

Przemyslaw Zawada (Marks) was born in 1982 and comes from Cieszyn, Poland. He bought his first turntables at the end of 1999 and, after few months, debuted supporting the best Polish DJs at that time. In 2003, Marks and Greg Oleksevic established a project called “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect” which quickly became acknowledged in the Silesian techno scene. Music is his greatest passion. “Music is built of many sounds which should be carefully selected” (Marks) He played at: Soundropolis (Katowice)(Ogrodzieniec) Mega Klub, Inqbator (Katowice) Kanty(Jaworzno)M25 (Warszawa)Forty Kleparz, Absurd, Lost Highway, Off Centrum (Krakow), Ego, Kompresor, Przepraszam (Tarnow), Alergia (Chorzow) Tlen, E-Club (Bielsko-Biala), Pretekst, Andromeda,Skup Kultury (Tychy), Forte, Regres (Bytom), Inferno (Nowy Sacz), Havana, Drukarnia (Zawiercie), Starowka (Cieszyn), Highway (Oswiecim) and many more. He supported the following artists : DJ Rush,Pet Duo, Marco Remus, Clodagh, A.P. Jeff Amadeus, Ogi, Bold , Leo Laker , Frank Kvitta, Arkus P, Waldhaus, O.B.I., Userkiller, Kyle McCook , Viper XXl, Sven Wittekind, Electron Mike, Adriana Lopez, J.Fernadez, Torsten Kanzler,David Moleon, Boris S, Robert Natus, Klaudia Gawlas.

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