Leslie Goldfinder

// Ireland



Phever Show : AfrotraXion ”The Groove Lounge”//

Growing up in Africa as a citizen of House music, Inspired by a lot of local Dj’s, Leslie Goldfinder imagined what it was like to uplift a room of people through music, with a tape deck and a few cassettes it was then he discovered the magic behind the decks & how powerful music is, his passion for music grew stronger. It was only a few years later that Leslie Goldfinder discovered late night House parties, In a while he found himself Djing in local pubs & clubs, like The Base , The Guest House in Hilbrow. For a while he played along side Dj Justice at The High Point (*new* Chocolate City). He then took sometime off to concentrate on his studies, till he moved to Ireland where he started Djing at parties & weddings, Leslie Goldfinder is a Household name among Southern-Africans in Ireland. In 2017 he was part of the Munster Region Heat

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